Feeling Better!

I was feeling a bit down about my work when I posted last time but am pleased to report I’m much more positive again! I’ve been working sooo slowly since Christmas – can’t believe I’m still playing around with the 3 pieces I blogged about in January! So here’s an update…

I finished the Monet Waterlilies. However, exactly as anticipated, the smaller size with ‘less buttons, more stuff ‘ requested by the client resulted in a more abstract final piece.   As a result, the client told me that he no longer wished to buy it as he hadn’t realized he’d need to stand back from the picture to make sense of it (which you have to do with Monet’s original paintings too!) Quite a disappointment but I’ve learned from the experience – I’d had my reservations about the smaller size and should have gone with my gut feeling.  Anyway – here it is (65cm x 65cm + frame) currently for sale in Words and Pictures Gallery, Teignmouth.

The Mermen piece got off to a slow start as I couldn’t visualise how to do it. However, it’s now almost complete and I’m really happy with the fantasy underwater world I’ve created. Awaiting final glue layer and then I’ll post an image.


Unfortunately, the 3rd piece – the lion – isn’t working for me at all and may end up being deconstructed. But it’s not for a particular client and can be put to one side for now…

In the meantime, the exhibition of prints has been shown at 2 venues in Poland and will continue in various European venues.  Another set is being printed for 10 venues in Italy, 5 for 2019 and 5 for 2020. The first Italian exhibition will be in Rome in July, inside a new shopping mall owned by the Aqua Group. I’ve been asked to go out for the opening and to create a piece of art in situ – the logo of the Aqua group – 2 arches of a viaduct.          I need a variety of interesting rectangles and squares, roughly the size of a domino tile – red/brown/black /gold/green – can anyone help?!

I am preparing everything in advance so that I’ll know exactly ‘what to put where’ when in Rome. 100 local schools are involved in Recycling Art projects at the same time and the event is to be televised – all pretty terrifying (but exciting too.) The organisers have also asked me to make one original piece to go with the prints so that people can see a ‘real one’. After much discussion, we settled on a cropped close-up of Klimt’s The Kiss – so even more rectangles needed!! Plenty to keep me busy!


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6 Responses to Feeling Better!

  1. Jane Vorndran says:

    If I could afford it, I’d buy it! Love Monet!

    I’ve been a bit down on my work as well. I’m working on a mammoth on a canoe paddle right now for a fundraiser for riverfront development in out town. I already have a $1000 sponsor. Rather tricky as the paddle blade is only 5.75 inches wide!

  2. janeperkins says:

    Hi Jane – I’ve only just noticed the email address – you’re THAT Jane!!
    I didn’t know your surname before!

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