Creativity Can’t be Forced

I know it’s been a while since I posted any news…

My family circumstances have been difficult lately and I’ve simply had less time for Art. That, coupled with a downturn in the flow of creative juices, it feels as if my muse left me for a while after Christmas. I wrote about this to one of the kind people who send me materials from time to time. She wrote a lovely reply with the words “creativity cannot be forced”. How true! So I’m just going with the flow and enjoying playing with ideas and materials for a while.

I’ve been working very slowly on the commission of Mermen which finally seems to be coming together after a slow beginning.

I’m also about to make a commission of a mounted brooch to be given as a wedding present. Some of you will know that the collaged pictures I now make evolved from brooches which I made for my final degree project – please see the profile page on my website for more info. The original inspiration for the brooches came from religious festival headdresses from Ecuador – so quirky and blingy – I love them!

In my final degree year I developed a series of brooches entitled ‘Weathered and Worn’ using antique braids and recycled materials. These were hung on a weathered ground to go on the wall as a piece of art. The brooch can be removed to wear and replaced on the wall after use:











In the example above and right, the brooch is removed to reveal embroidered flowers underneath which mirror the colours and decoration on the brooch. (Hope this makes sense!)

Anyway, I am now playing with ideas for the new wedding brooch having found a beautiful antique Italian frame for its mount at an Antiques Fair on Sunday. I feel the muse returning …

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3 Responses to Creativity Can’t be Forced

  1. Loren says:

    Insert ‘thumbs up’ icon here 🙂

  2. westdeanie says:

    Love the idea of removing to wear and replacing the art work afterwards. I know what it is like when stuff gets in the way and the creative juices clog – time and patience will allow them to get going again when the time is right. Sometimes it is not a bad thing to stop and reflect.

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