Update on 30 Tonnes of Buttons!

I have had a few comments/enquiries about the buttons so here’s what I’ve heard today…  If anyone wishes to collect some buttons, it will need to be before next Friday.                  The contact number is on the factory link on previous Blog post.

One of my Blog readers (who happens to live quite close to the warehouse) very kindly offered to collect some buttons for me. She emailed today:

It turned out that what’s available to take at the moment is mostly in a skip at the front of the building, but he did give me a large bag of mixed black buttons. From the skip I retrieved quite a large amount of plastic buttons, mostly in neutral colours, and I also found some wooden toggles and a few wooden buttons that I think were samples.

I also heard this today from Sarah (sister-in-law of factory owner) who made the original contact:  Yes we’re overwhelmed by postal requests so people will need to come to the warehouse by Friday (15th) as we’re shutting up the warehouse and clearing by then.

I’m so pleased that at least some will not be going to landfill. Good Luck everyone!

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2 Responses to Update on 30 Tonnes of Buttons!

  1. Clare Torrance says:

    I hope that at least some of these buttons don’t go to landfill! On the subject of stopping things from going to landfill, I have been collecting all sorts of things over the years which I feel sure could be used in an art installation and your work has always inspired me. However, I have not got to the point where I can use some of the things in a creative way myself and I am being forced to have a clear out, so I was wondering if you know of any artist who could use old electric cabling in some creative way? Because, amongst other things, I have loads of the stuff and I can’t bear to just take it to the tip! Any suggestions? Clare x

    • janeperkins says:

      Hi Clare – Good to hear from you! I’m afraid I have no use for electric cabling but I’m sure there will be artists who can use it. The recycled sculpture TRAIL in Teignmouth happens every summer and I suggest you contact Amy McCarthy or Liz Lockyear at TAAG, Teignmouth. Good luck! Jane

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