Pictures from an Exhibition

Images from the exhibition of prints in the shopping mall in Breslau, Poland – until March 18th. (Then Gdansk Mar 21 – April 2.) The lady top-left is Marta, the manager of the mall and the man bottom-right is my agent Aldo, who has made the exhibition happen. Hopefully there will be more venues in Europe to follow – currently awaiting decisions from 2 venues in Denmark. Aldo approached me after seeing my work in a book Creative Extremes which came out in 2017. He was the agent for a hand-painting artist also featured in the book. (Did I Blog about that? I can’t remember!)

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7 Responses to Pictures from an Exhibition

  1. Debbie says:

    Fantastic. So much talent.

  2. Loren says:

    It looks great but I’m surprised they feel the need for ropes to keep people at a distance from glazed prints. Maybe because it’s a shopping mall and not a gallery.

  3. janeperkins says:

    I agree Loren – and said so when I saw the photos. Apparently they don’t want greasy fingers on the glass but I feel they could move the ropes back a bit!

  4. Ewa Ponichter says:

    Hello from Poland, from Breslau! I have seen your great works in the Internet some time ago and now special ocassion to watch the exhibition in Poland. So creative works! I don`t know why there were ropes but believe me if somebody was interested in watching he could do it. The lights were so strong to see all the little things, details in the pictures. I am also interested in making things from recycled materials, very often useless materials, some kind of upcycling. I often look for creative solutions, ideas. I love to transform waste materials into eco-friendly products with high environmental value. Greetings from Poland, Breslau!

  5. Katarzyna says:

    It was a pleasure to see some of your works in Wrocław! Incredible! Thank you for this opportunity!

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