Conceptual Art at TAAG

An interesting and eclectic mix of works by various artists at the TAAG exhibition this week (until March 1st):

I particularly liked the Collections by Sue Freestone:

and her statement with which I identify…

I can’t help it

Collecting, gathering, random things

It’s not conscious

And then altering, assembling

Fiddling I call it

The juxtaposition of different elements, materials

Always a discord/disconnect

But there’s constantly the same thread running through

The red thread

It’s unconscious

I can’t help it

I was also drawn to the mixed media animorphic sculptures by Clare Heaton:

Why does this appeal to me? I have no idea!


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1 Response to Conceptual Art at TAAG

  1. westdeanie says:

    Yes I definitely relate to Sue’s poem! Thanks for sharing!

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