New Year – New News!

Much has happened since Christmas…

The 14 prints have been completed and sent to Germany – I’ve just heard that the last four arrived this morning. (Many thanks to Mike (Formatrix, Crockernwell, Devon) for a beautiful job.) Now I have to wait until the end of Jan to hear if they will be accepted for the Eco-photographic festival in Zingst, N Germany May 25 – June 30 2019.

Frida (the original work) arrived safely in San Francisco Bay last week and Frida (the print) has arrived safely in Bendigo, Australia.

Best news of all is that a friend called in last weekend and my husband randomly showed him the kennel shrine while I was at the supermarket. He fell in love with it and has bought it! I am so happy that it has found a new home with an art lover and collector of quirky things!

I am about to start work on 3 new pieces – 2 commissions and a new (different) lion that I really want to do. He has a gorgeous kind face!

The commissions are interesting too. One is for a Monet Waterlilies measuring 65cm x 65cm which is rather small. The client has requested ‘less buttons, more stuff‘ so I anticipate using larger components with a more abstract result.

The second is to create an interpretation of a vintage poster of mermen from Saint Sebastien. The client lives in the Caribbean where the poster was destroyed in a hurricane a few years ago. The image is in a limited palette of subtle colours (see left) and  I need to piece together different sections of the picture – I think this one will be a challenge!

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4 Responses to New Year – New News!

  1. Hilary Lazarus says:

    Jane, we love your work so please share these ultimate pieces when you have done them.


  2. Loren says:

    Congrats about the kennel – great news!

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