New work: Audrey Hepburn

Here’s my recently completed commission of Audrey Hepburn which I did not wish to reveal until it had been received by the client…

At one point, I was so unhappy with it that I scraped everything off except her eyes!

Using a looser approach and several items of vintage haberdashery (cards of ‘hooks and eyes’, press-studs etc) I achieved a retro look with which I was very happy. The arched yellow/orange pieces in the background are from an old jigsaw from Portugal, sent to me by the lovely Portuguese lady (Hello Maria!) who cared for my late mother. As the client was also from Portugal, this seemed fitting. He had requested something like Subbuteo footballs for Audrey’s pearls – I couldn’t find any but managed to find some spherical numbered Bingo markers instead!


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6 Responses to New work: Audrey Hepburn

  1. Jane says:


  2. Loren says:

    Looks fabulous – wish I could click for a close-up!

  3. Debbie says:

    Spectacular detail and so colourful.

  4. you are my hero! these masterpieces, i really would like to be able to make something like that. it’s my dream. keep it up.

  5. janeperkins says:

    Thank you all for your very kind words! Jane

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