Kennel venue announced!

I now know that my kennel is to be positioned in The Town Hall Hotel, Bethnal Green, London from 19th March until 23rd April. Please visit if you can!

It will be part of the trail of kennels all over London, prior to their auction in aid of the Blue Cross pet charity on April 26th at the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel.

The original Town Hall building was constructed in 1910 when a new confidence and wealth in the Borough led the Council to spend lavishly on fine architects, craftsmen and artists to decorate it. More building was commissioned in the 1930s with the splendid addition of Art-Deco interiors which made the Town Hall Hotel a famous film location.

Looks fab!


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  1. says:

    Thanks Jane, hopefully I will get over to see that. Suzy now lives on the Isle of Dogs so I may suggest meeting up with her and visiting a few others. Do you know when the rest of the trail will be published? Will you be coming to London to see them or go to the auction? It would be great to meet up if you are.

    We enjoyed John’s photos of snowy Kenton. The snow has probably disappeared now, we lost most of ours Sunday morning. We are going on holiday soon and looking forward to some sunshine. Janine. X

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