Sides Completed!

Second side of saints completed today – so much quicker to do as it followed the pattern of the first. What takes time is working out how to do things.

As far as possible, I use recycled materials – the first collection of empty Pez dispenser heads were given to me in a bag of random items. I remember Pez sweets from my childhood and didn’t realize you can still buy them! Then in Sainsbury’s last week I saw Super Mario and a few days later found some Pez dogs in WH Smith – I couldn’t resist buying them to complete the 12 figures. The second lot of saints is holding a rather weird array of items – but the best I could find from my collected materials…

I am having so much fun with this project! Just the back of the kennel to do now – feeling almost sad that it will end soon!

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2 Responses to Sides Completed!

  1. Loren says:

    I’m really chuffed to see the little flower under the blonde saint’s chin – looks familiar! Thank you for the lovely cards.

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