Downs and Ups of a Week in the Life of a Project!

Well, I’ve been doing lots on the kennel this week, aiming for a planned photo-shoot tomorrow. I was asked to complete the front, one side and one side of the roof, for a 3/4 view photo. Today the shoot’s been postponed until I’ve completed the whole piece. However, the pressure has been good as it really made me get on with things, and I’m grateful to Mark (the vicar) for his loan of spotlights which have enabled me to work into the evening.

Yesterday was frustrating – working on the ‘saints’ on the side – everything seemed to go wrong and I kept taking things off as often as I put them on. (I’m really making this up as I go along!!) I took a trip out in the car to find gold paint (with Dad coming for the ride) and somehow after that, something just clicked and things started to flow… so here is the finished side of saints, just lacking suitable hands for C3P0.

Last Sunday, I went to a freezing cold Car Boot Sale, looking specifically for Barbie and Ken dolls (for their hands and feet). I had an amazingly successful trip with one vendor selling every item for 10p (!) including a plastic green monster character with hands perfect for Yoda!

I’m now making a little mat to go inside the kennel, embellishing a fabric table mat by sewing gold lace around the edge – very Bling. John is also getting carried away with enthusiasm and is going to put a battery operated LED light inside. This kennel project is getting more and more outrageous – quite out of hand!

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