Kennel: Practical Problems and Solutions

With any art project, problem-solving plays a huge part and I love trying to work out how things can be done. Swimming lengths at the local pool provides good thinking time …

The inside of the kennel was ugly: very rough wood which needed attention to make it fitting with the kennel as a whole. My brilliant framer Alec (Palmer, The Framing Lot, Shutterton, Dawlish) came up with the idea of blocking off the inside with mount board to create a neat inner chamber. He came up with some fab red flock mount board which looks like velvet – he’s done an amazing job and it looks beautiful. See below (but that’s John, my husband, not Alec!)

The kennel shell was heavy enough when empty. As I add materials it gets heavier and heavier. How can the finished piece be lifted/transported safely without holding the kennel itself and knocking off the decorations which stick out?


Originally, I’d thought of adding brass handles to the side panels for lifting but John came up with a different (better?) solution – to make 2 removable carrying poles which can be temporarily screwed on under the eaves lengthways to carry the kennel like a sedan chair. Here’s John today, drilling the holes for this purpose (watched by Mark, local vicar and woodwork enthusiast!) Fingers crossed that it will work!



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3 Responses to Kennel: Practical Problems and Solutions

  1. yvonne faus says:

    really enjoying this whole process!!!

  2. Susan Allett says:

    Hi Jane, think your work is fantastic, wrote a piece about you on my facebook page Susan Allett. I also wanted to send you a photo of ‘The Little Chapel’ in Guernsey where I grew up. The whole chapel was covered inside and out with pieces of pottery, people can still visit it today.

    • janeperkins says:

      Hi Susan – thank you for the piece on Facebook and for telling me about the chapel. I looked up ‘The Little Chapel’ and will put something on my blog – it reminds me of Gaudi, especially Parc Guell

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