Trial and Error

What ever possessed me to think of using glitter? It gets everywhere except where you want it to go! Diamond Glaze (glue) is a lovely product – I love the tiny nozzle for filling small gaps. But my best discovery (thank you Andrew) is Mod Podge – a water-based glue which sticks really well and dries invisibly. Great stuff! (Can anyone use 1 Kg of emerald green glitter?!!)                                                                                                                                        So – here’s an update on the kennel … there are 6 images but for some unknown reason there is a big gap after the first two which I can’t get rid of – keep scrolling down!

Front: Filling little gaps with turquoise blue beads (not green glitter!):   

Sides: making Saints using heads from Pez sweet      dispensers with halos from earrings :







Roof: trying to fill in around the ‘jewels’ with gold acryllic paint, to look like a sort of grout. It’s all laborious, but FUN!

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5 Responses to Trial and Error

  1. US Jane says:

    I knew you could do it! Awesome, UK Jane!

  2. US Jane says:

    I knew you could do it! Awesome, UK Jane! That looks great!

  3. janeperkins says:

    Hi Jane! A long way to go yet!

  4. Debbie White says:

    Looking good. Love your enthusiasm.

  5. Julia Barnard says:

    Jane, I love what you create! I live in Texas, and plan on a trip to Europe this year. Is there any way you could let me know of where your ‘plastics classics’ might be on display? I’m possibly planning a September trip(2018). Are there any showings around that time? (My dates aren’t in concrete, so whenever this year, I’d like to know.(!). Thanks, Julia Barnard

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