Words and Buttons

 Jason Noble from Words and Pictures gallery has sent me this from ‘The Language of Things’ by Hito Steyerl:

‘…modest and even abject objects are hieroglyphs in whose dark prism social relations lay congealed and in fragments…In this perspective, a thing is never just an object, but a fossil in which a constellation of forces are petrified. Things are never just inert objects, passive items or lifeless shucks, but consist of tensions, forces, hidden powers, all being constantly exchanged.’

I really like the poetical feel of the words, even if I’m not sure I fully understand them!

I am often asked where I get my materials from …           Yesterday I received 2 exciting packages in the post – jiffy bags containing wonderful buttons sent by Judith, a lady who happened to see my work in an exhibition last year. I am so grateful!

and finally … one last image from the Contemporary Classics exhibition:

with my friend Caroline at the Private View


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