Experimenting with Looser Style??

For my latest work, I’ve been trying to experiment with a looser style, using larger materials and approximate shapes and colours. I’ve found it so hard to change my habits!! In my head, I know what I want to produce but turning it into reality is so much more difficult!

Here is my (unfinished) Madonna and Child for an exhibition in my village church in June (Art in the Aisles, Kenton Chuch, Devon, UK June 17-18)

The work includes cards of buttons, buckles, tape measures and fabric embellishments,    so I’m thinking about calling it Haberdashery Madonna

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6 Responses to Experimenting with Looser Style??

  1. Hilary says:

    Magnificent! HIL

    Sent from Hilary Lazarus 0414 442414


  2. eileen says:

    I like the looser style a lot! I think it adds a lot of physical depth to the visual, and the shading under the child’s chin and at the back of the madonna’s neck is really striking. It’s good to challenge yourself every once in a while!!

  3. Chantal says:

    Hello Jane!

    I ‘m really glad to inform you that I featured some of your wonderful mosaic artworks on the blog, with credits to your website.
    I really hope you enjoy it!

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