Photoshoot for Coming Exhibition: Contemporary Classics

I am collaborating with Anna Grayson in an exciting exhibition to be hosted by the new Words and Pictures Gallery in Teignmouth (Devon, UK)

We both re-create famous works of art with a contemporary twist, hence the title of the show Contemporary Classics.  Anna makes photographic reconstructions often using herself and husband Des as models. I love art with an element of humour and Anna’s work really makes me smile. Last week we had great fun working on some publicity images for the show, using Jason Noble (owner of the W&P gallery) to model, somewhat reluctantly, as Van Gogh. With his magnificent ginger beard, Jason’s anguished expression came naturally with his discomfort in the role!                                               Contemporary Classics will run from Friday 26 May  to Friday 9th June 2017 (inclusive)


Having fun – me, Jason and Anna


Homages to Hokusai’s Great Wave

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