Another Lion in the Pride

Amazingly, Pride sold on the very first day of the Finders Keepers exhibition – sooo happy! Last week I completed a second lion to be shipped to NYC Afforable Art Fair with Will’s Art Warehouse – a good example of how 2 works from the same image are the same yet different. The deadline was very tight and I just managed to complete the work in time for framing the day before transport to London arrived at 6.30 am. On the framing day, I woke up realizing what was not quite right about the face so made some stressful major last minute changes  – a reminder that it is always good to live with a ‘finished’ piece for a couple of weeks to see any final readjustments needed. On finishing, the sky was dark and it was raining hard – therefore impossible to photograph the work outside in natural daylight as I like to do. So Pride II was snapped indoors using a flash…


Pride II



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2 Responses to Another Lion in the Pride

  1. Those are both fantastic!

  2. Hilary Lazarus says:


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