First work of 2017!

Just completed this new work: Pride for Finders Keepers exhibition at Will’s Art Warehouse London, starting 7/1/17. Among the myriad plastic animals and dinosaurs, can you spot three Power Rangers, Woody from Toy Story, Laa-Laa from Tellytubbies, Homer Simpson and a wooden banana?!


Many thanks to all of you who helped solve the mystery of the spike in visitors to my website over New Year – it seems interest was sparked by the posting on Facebook of my Frida Kahlo portrait on a site called Folt Bolt – an amazing collection of art and images, linked by wonderful colour combinations. I particularly love the site header for the New Year – samples of images and patterns in one of my favourite colour combos – turquoise blue and bright red – beautiful!

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15 Responses to First work of 2017!

  1. Sabina Ayne says:

    Wow! Love this!! So gorgeous!!

  2. Cathy says:

    I discovered you over the holidays from Folt Bolt – planning a trip to Somerset in May/June and hope to see your beautiful work!

  3. Meredith stewart says:

    Jane, your work is SOOOO AMAZING! I am just beaming over here in Phoenix remembering our wonderful day together and seeing all the fabulous press you are getting for FRIDA! Wishing you all the best in the new year! Meredith

    • janeperkins says:

      Hi Meredith
      So lovely to hear from you – I loved the day we had together. Can’t believe Frida is receiving so much attention!
      How have you been since the election? Jane x

  4. Hilary Lazarus says:

    How magnificent, Hilary

    Hilary Lazarus 0414 442 414 Sent from my iPhone


  5. Hi Jane, I love your work, how original ! A friend posted your Frida portrait to me, as I have just made a Frida muse. You may want to see, at
    I can imagine you must have a massive supply of buttons and trinkets, what a great way to ‘paint’ !
    I’m very impressed 😊

    • janeperkins says:

      Hi Marina
      I’ve just had a look at the link you sent – your work is amazing! Are they really dolls?
      I love the Frida Kahlo
      Jane x

      • Yes sort of, I prefer ‘muse’ as a name for them, they are made from cotton and Measure 75- 78cm. Each one is made individually from drawing the pattern, sewing the pieces, designing the dress to painting the face. It feels like a form of portraiture.
        Thanks for your interest,

  6. Cheri Zurnieden Foss says:

    I was one who shared your work…Amazing

  7. Cheri Zurnieden Foss says:

    I have been following your work for sometime…not every day but on occasion…LOVE

  8. Diane Mahn says:

    Sharing, for sure!!! This is INCREDIBLE!!!! Please edit your post and tell us more about what is in the piece–what you used to make it! The smiley face caught my eye and make me laugh, and I saw some buttons, straws? I’m not sure what else. I love to know the materials in a work. I always share that when I post a piece of my work. People want to know.

  9. Currie Karen says:

    Jane Perkins, I wish I knew you! Anyone who is this clever and creative and can make something so beautiful always captures my attention. I used to teach art and do quite a bit myself but just can’t get over how amazing this is! Kudos to you!

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