Quilters, Commissions and a Piano Shop!

Last weekend I was invited to speak about my work as part of the November meeting of the South West Quilters. The audience was a lovely group of about 200 ladies at the fantastic conference centre at Exeter Racecourse. I spoke about my transition from textiles to plastic, encompassing a (very brief) history of the use of found materials in Art, starting with Picasso. Apart from receiving a very warm welcome, I really enjoyed seeing the beautiful quilts shown by the ladies in their ‘Show and Tell’ slot – such talent!

At the moment, I am working on 2 commissions, a portrait of Adele (the singer) for a lady in Australia and portrait of Frida Kahlo for a lady in the USA. The Frida is an interesting challenge – the client wants it to be the same as the first one I made – but this is so difficult! I can’t make 2 pieces exactly the same as I can’t find exactly the same materials. Each work is unique – and that is the beauty of what I do. All I can offer is to try to make it as good as the first, if not better! (Image to follow soon)

I’m off to Bath this week to take my Beethoven Diptych, Composer Decomposed to display in a piano shop there – not to sell – I’d just like him to be seen in a musical setting!             If anyone is in the area , it will be at The Piano Shop, 1 & 2 Canton Place, London Road, Bath BA1 6AA from Friday 9th December.

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2 Responses to Quilters, Commissions and a Piano Shop!

  1. Hilary says:

    Hi Jane, Wonderful. You asked about the quirky toys and of course I said yes! I would love the best of you and that’s what makes your works so brilliant! Please do it as amazing as you do everything and be yourself. I love everything you do! Regards, Hilary.

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