Terrifying new work in progress!

I’m making a new Great Wave (after Hokusai) for the ‘Contemporary Classics Two’ exhibition to be held at Words and Pictures gallery in Teignmouth in November.

This will be a collaboration with Anna Grayson who makes photographic re-creations of famous works of art, often using herself and her husband Des as models. (Very funny!)

I will be showing some originals, along with prints, cards and calendars. I’m having great fun creating this Great Wave, using lots of references to impending doom. This work might be kept for my family as I sold the first very reluctantly – so I’ve given myself license to include anything for my own amusement!

Here are 3 ‘taster’ images of work in progress – all excess glue will be removed at the end…














Below – Jason Noble, owner of Words and Pictures with Anna Grayson at the gallery after our planning meetingIMG_0833




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1 Response to Terrifying new work in progress!

  1. Sabina Ayne says:

    I can’t wait to see the work!!!

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