Mid-year Review

Half way through the year already! Looking back on my Blogs this year, I thought I’d update my news…

Unfortunately, I am unable to take part in Devon Open Studios this year  – my usual venue had been booked out to someone else – my fault for not confirming with the venue owner in time! Instead, I am planning a joint exhibition with Anna Grayson for the month of November 2016. This will be at a new gallery in Teignmouth  called Words and Pictures, owned by Jason and Shelley Noble – really worth a visit! Anna makes photographic works of homage/pastiche, re-creating Old Masters using her husband and herself as models. (Look her up!) We thought a joint exhibition of homage/pastiche in different media would make a great show! (lots to do…)

The King of the Beasts is currently on show at Thelma Hulbert Gallery in Honiton until August 27th. It has sold to a buyer in France.

The Great Wave, after Hokusai  has also been sold via Red Propeller Gallery, Kingsbridge.    I was delighted to discover that it was bought by a professor specializing in the ‘Sociology of Mirth’. Very fitting!

Of the 3 works that went to Kuwait, one sold – Portrait of Umm Kulthum.                               The other 2 works remain in Kuwait for a further exhibition.



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