New Year – New Ideas…

This week I’ve just got back to work after the Christmas/New Year ‘limbo period’ and it feels sooo good to be being creative again. But I feel I need a new direction for this new year – and I’m also trying to decide whether or not to take part in Devon Open Studios in September – taking part brings pressure to produce enough work but, at the same time, a much needed focus…

In December, I made a few mounted brooches for Red Propeller gallery (like the ones on the Brooches page on my website.) I enjoyed doing some sewing again but feel truly myself when I’m messing around with a glue gun and a pile of plastic animals!

Having progressed from Portraits to Plastic Classics, I feel I’ve somewhat exhausted the idea – and my very supportive galleries no longer wish to take ‘repeats’. So what next?

My tutor at college, when we were stuck for ideas, always said ‘start with what you know’, which I’ve always found to be sound advice. It is always better to do something than nothing. I’ve had a rather wacky idea in my head for a while so it seems a good time to actually make it and see if it leads anywhere … I don’t wish to say too much at this stage but the idea is based on a portrait of Beethoven from 1820 by Joseph Karl Stieler (below)

Sometimes I have good ideas while others turn out to be rubbish – but unless I try them, it’s hard to know which category they will fall into!

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1 Response to New Year – New Ideas…

  1. Sabina Ayne says:

    I can’t wait to find out what you come up with!!!

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