New Opportunity for Quirkiness!

I am delighted to report that my work has just been taken on by Red Propeller, a gallery in Kingsbridge, South Devon (which happens to be the birthplace of my father and the venue of many happy childhood holidays with my grandma!) The gallery has a modern, urban vibe and I am hopeful that my work will be a good fit there. I am excited that I can let my imagination run free to produce rather more quirky work than the London gallery can accept! For example, something like The Dance of Life, after Matisse:Homage to Matisse -Dance of Life - CopyI delivered the first work to Red Propeller on Friday and it sold within 24 hours! Amazing! I am ecstatic!

I continue to work on three commissions. The golden wedding double portrait is finished and awaiting framing as the clients were very specific about finding the right frame (oak)  and this is taking time. I am very pleased with this piece – and hope the clients will be too.

Clive and Christine - Copy

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  1. Wow!!!! Your projects is amazing!!!

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