Adele BB – work (still!) in progress

Still working on Adele Bloch-Bauer – almost happy – here are some close ups of the work in progress…

There is still a lot of excess glue which will be removed at the final stage. Adele’s face is small, relative to the whole work, and her nose has caused me some difficulty – I have now used some shells which I found on a beach during my  holidayadele detail 1 to Crete in April. They come from Elafonisi Beach in the far west of the island, also known as ‘the pink beach’ because the sand is made from the millions of crushed shells there. It’s fun to include a little personal element in my pictures so that a little piece of me goes out with them. I am aware that the face is still not quite right  – I need to live with her for a while longer! The lips are from a charm bracelet.

adele detail 2


adele detail 3








Works of Art feel a bit like your children going out into the world! I was able to visit one of my ‘offspring’ this weekend in its new home near Manchester – it now lives in a beautiful house and looked very happy there!!

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