Scaling Up / Scaling down

I’ve been encountering a new challenge in my current work: scale…

I’ve been working on a commission – The Fox and The Rose (from The Little Prince story) based on an original drawing by the client, a new departure for me. Working at a smaller scFox and Rose 2 - Copyale (58 x 46 cm) it has been necessary to consider the size of the individual materials – how to keep things in proportion  yet still include interesting objects . (The plastic cricketers in the fox’s breast are cake decorations from my brother’s birthday cake, aged about 9. He is now 58! (Don’t ask why I still have them!) I struggled to create a background which did not overwhelm the fox, but I think I have achieved this by using more muted colours and flatter materials, mainly buttons and broken pottery. The fox is sitting on a planet so the deep blue/black background represents deep space. There are little volcanos in the distance, as in the original illustration of the story.

Scaling up is a different issue. For a while, I’ve wanted to try a larger piece in a looser style. I’m working on a larger version of the Queen – an interesting experience as I the kind of objects I usually use don’t work at a larger size. Also, I’m already worrying about the weight of the finished work – so may have to abandon it – but at least I will have tried!

News – I have made the decision to take a break from Devon Open Studios this year. Usually, I am making work for this annual September event from Christmas onwards.        In 2015, I’d like to develop my work and be free to take up other opportunities…..

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5 Responses to Scaling Up / Scaling down

  1. aloefromdonna says:

    Wow, I love it 🙂

  2. Norma says:

    Your work is wonderful and you are right, along with being amazed you made me smile. Just beautiful.

  3. MichelleinScotland says:

    Love your work (found via The Inbox Jaunt), different but beautiful.

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