Re-Recycling: Ganesh to Umm!

I decided to reUmm Kulthum - Copycycle some old unsold works, to reuse the bases and materials. This is a boring process which takes time, but a satisfying way of not wasting precious materials…

I scraped the materials from the bases using a knife and a wallpaper stripper, soaked off the PVA glue from the materials and dried them on a radiator, wrapped in a tea towel. Then I spent ages picking off the solidified glue-gun glue while watching TV! Thus Buddha has been re-invented as a new Marilyn Monroe (!) and Ganesh as Umm Kulthum, a famous Egyptian opera singer. These works will both be going to Kuwait for a recycling exhibition in April (dates yet to be confirmed). Umm famously wore dark sunglasses, which posed a new challenge for me. At first, I was going to use the plastic ‘lenses’ from real sunglasses, but as the artwork is larger than real life, they would not fill the frame. I decided to use painted wooden Umm Kulthum - sunglassesbeads underneath the plastic and to fill the gap between this and the frame, but having done this, I liked the effect just as it was and didn’t feel it necessary to use the plastic too.

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