The Dark Night of the Soul!

I rarely abandon a work but life of a projectthe Ming Vase idea (well… more of a Ming teapot actually) was just not working – I think I didn’t have enough interesting materials to bring it to life;  lost belief in the idea, lost belief that anyone would want to buy it and lost the desire to finish it! This illustration is from ‘Steal Like an Artist’ as recommended in my last blog. Having reached the ‘dark night of the soul’,      I’ve decided to put the work to one side and work on something new. Maybe I’ll go back to it one day, or maybe I’ll strip it and recycle the base – just need to distance myself from it for a while and move on…


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4 Responses to The Dark Night of the Soul!

  1. I don’t really use technology much but I wash you could see some of my button pieces. I started working with buttons in1997/98 in my late 30’s. I have only done furniture to this point and all abstract. Most of the furniture is redesigned into another piece or simply embellished . But because I have become very ill I haven’t made any new pieces the last few years. A friend sent me your page and all I could dream of was getting back to work . The many layers that make your pieces what they are ( most beautiful) can never be duplicated and yes, you will find a way to finish the teapot, I promise ! If you get this message please help me show you what I do! Thanks for the beauty!

    • janeperkins says:

      Hi Katherine
      Thanks for your lovely message – I would really love to see what you have made
      Is your friend able to take some photos and email them to me?
      Jane x

      • Katherine Held says:

        As soon as I am over this twisted span of issues I’ll get someone to do so. I’d once thought of doing landscapes( love the changing seasons) but a project came up and as usual I jumped off the cliff and dug in. It was simply resorting to things Id grown up around, my mother was a dressmaker. It’s a pretty strange path from that to a all the mediums I can work in now, if only my health would cooperate! Ugh! If you get a chance I have a friend I California that primarily paints but he too can cross mediums like you wouldn’t believe! Look him up on ; www. I’m pretty sure this is right but that’s his name. His work will blow you away! We have known each other since we were 12 yrs old. Ill work on the photos, soon…..

  2. janeperkins says:

    I’ve just looked up Manuel Cruz III – his work is absolutely amazing and extraordinary. I’ve always been fascinated by Trompe L’oeil – the blue urn is incredibly beautiful, and so are the various ‘moldings’ – I thought they were real!

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