Kiss Me Kate (work in progress)

So many balls in the air, so many thoughts in my head! I have 4 pieces of work in progress, and am leaving 2 which are nearing completion for the visit of a German film crew on  June 8th. The team from Deutsche Welle (German on-line Cultural Arts programme) wish to film me finding materials at a car boot sale and working on a picture (very like the film for cbbc in 2012.)  I’ve left the final tidying up of Mona Lisa, and Kate’s hair on Kiss Me Kate to finish (see image). There’s also a patch below William’s nose which isn’t quite right – it’s in shadow on the original picture but I need to look again at that little area. The collaged/painted background will be completed last. I’d love to spend a whole day working on the pictures but there’s always other ‘stuff’ to do too – general admin; lots of emails, photographing work for my records, keeping accounts etc. ….

But it’s also good to spend some time away from the pictures – to think,  and look at them afresh…kiss me kate (w in P)

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