Welcome to my new blog!

tibetan woman

TIbetan Woman at Stupa, from a photograph by Steve McCurry

After months of procrastinating, here I am starting a blog! I’m quite a technophobe so hope I will get the hang of things once I’m up and running!

Lots of exciting things happening at the moment…       I’m currently working on a new body of work for Devon Open Studios 2014,  7 – 22 September at       The Cafe, Topsham (great coffee and food!)                    My theme this year will be ‘Words from Literature and Song’ – I’m planning to show 9 new works             (5 completed, 1 in progress and 3 to go!) I will also be showing my new Limited Edition Prints, which can be seen on my Jane Perkins website  A literary-themed quiz will accompany the exhibition with the prize of a print of the winner’s choice.

I’m also currently re-making some of the favourite ‘Old Masters’ with a view to Art Licensing –  since Christmas, I’ve been approached by 4 different companies in the USA with a view to putting my images on various merchandise. I’m aiming to start with 4 popular images for a company which makes jigsaw puzzles  – they want to add an extra puzzle to find objects in the picture, once the jigsaw is made.

Cindy's Sunflowers, inspired by Van Gogh and Jane Perkins!

Cindy’s Sunflowers, inspired by Van Gogh and Jane Perkins!

Last week, I received this image from Cindy Morris, a retired art teacher from San Fransisco. Each year she organises an art project with children at her granddaughter’s school to raise money for the school. Their Sunflower picture from found materials is so wonderfully naive and vibrant – I love it!





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7 Responses to Welcome to my new blog!

  1. Helene P. says:

    So happy to see your blog up and running, Jane!

  2. Linda says:

    Hi Jane I simply love your work Im always searching the net for some kind of artistic inspiration,
    I cant start my day without my faith and I also cant start my day without some artistic inspiration too. You are an inspiration,thank you for passing by on my pathway.

  3. Kristen R. says:

    My friend was just saying she had hoped that there were puzzles of your pieces and then I read this blog…so excited! Great work Jane!

  4. Nikki Pope says:

    Just discovered your work and am smiling, but also sad that every piece I like is already sold!

  5. Alexandra Larsen says:

    Hi Jane, I am Colombian and I saw Your increíble work in Deutche Welle. Congratulations!!!…It is beautiful!!! Alexandra

  6. Hi Jane, our internet has returned after 5 frustrating days without it, so I have finally been able to look at your blog. Really enjoyed it. Very inspirational .

  7. Denise Skilone says:

    Hi Jane, I love your Art work!!! You are truly a “Fabulous” Artist!!! Do you have a book or video showing your technique? Have a beautiful Sunday!!!

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